Ambassador Recruitment

Hey YOU!! 🤩, Are you a fit for our iconic ambassador position? We're thrilled that you're interested in working with us.

Who we are:
We are A Whole Look. We're a high fashion brand for the elite and we have the hottest fashions with new arrivals regularly, so nobody gets bored.

We are launching a new campaign to promote our SLAY collection and would love to have you be a part of it! We're looking for some undiscovered fashion influencers that really fit our brand's image and what we're going for with this new launch.

Could you be our next ROCK-STAR ambassador?!

How it works:
You'll receive product images each week to post to your Instagram or other social media account at your convenience (make sure to tag us in the photo!).

You'll want to post your special link as a comment on the photo and you should also put it in your bio so that you get credit from people who visit your profile directly and buy from you.

You'll have the opportunity to have some awesome perks like commission AND free merch after you dip your toe in the water. 😃 All just for posting our products. It's pretty easy money for making a post 💲💲.

As an ambassador, you'll start off with 20% commission + lifetime 15% off all purchases in between freebies. 😃

Feel free to watch this video for more info

Once you sign up, you'll receive instructions for your first post in the welcome email and you can get started right away. The sooner you post, the sooner you make money.

This program won't be open for long. We're in our scouting season and we only scout twice a year. So if you're interested, jump in on it now before it closes.

We're growing our family and we'd be so happy to have you part of our amazing team!


Apply here:

Check us out!
Instagram: @awholelook1

We really appreciate your support and we hope you join the Whole Look Fam💕